Monday, January 24, 2011

Otimist Before Coffee

Stilted talk, stiff walk...a word per step taken,
moving from here to there too much of an effort,
yet talking, but not saying

Maybe I should just think it...
But barren brain is my usual state
where thoughts become stale and dry

Blown away by the next gust of wonder
the next impulse for pleasure:
food, sex, or drink.

How can you capture the moment
Fluid as they all are, fast as they pour by
when my hand is the place
where wine glasses go to die?

Maybe I should just drink from the bottle,
water or wine transformed Christ-like
forced flow like a fire hose

Soaked I stagger forward dripping with
life realizing that I am my only container
standing groom next to ephemeral bride

Mouthing words to shape the future
imagining each separate incident
as joyful, rich, textured things.

I reach forward, steadily holding
a ghostly, vanishing finger. Placing on it
a gold, diamond ring.

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