Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dispatch From Chadds Ford

We left Annandale late in the afternoon and I made just about every bad traffic choice I could have getting here. First day of vacation was still fun, it just didn't matter cause we were on the road, headed north to see some of our favorite people and visit some of our favorite places.

Leon's house in Chadds Ford is situated just south of the Brandywine battlefield. It is visited by deer, fox, and various forms of wildlife. His daughter Rachel, Esther's godmother, is currently living there, Linda, his wife, came in on the train from New York City soon after we arrived. Only Grace was missing, she is apparently well on her way in relationship with a certain 'Adam' (I wondered aloud if Adam knew that he had yet to pass my approval test?).

Robert is in hog heaven right now, showing Leon his game playing skills in the 'cave'. I'm up stairs in the guest suite, listening to Susana Baca through Breath of Life's web portal and trying to repair my lack of attention to my writing. I've slipped off the wagon. I have struggled to complete my thoughts on 'Labels' to the point of realizing that it is more than a series of scribbling notes on a blog.

Perhaps it's a serious article, maybe a book. Perhaps a grounding concept for a photo montage or even a video presentation...a poem?

Regardless, I do have many thoughts that have spiraled out of control and I've decided to just give in and see where they take me.

Right now I'm gonna head down to the cave (Leon, like me, has his toys in the big room all the way downstairs...)his lair. Big screen TV is the major attraction. Computers, games....big boy toys. He has decided to play the grandfather role with Robert. We have had a good time ushering Robert into bigger boyhood. But right now I'm just gonna go down and play. At some point we'll eat breakfast, figure out when we'll head further north.

And go play on the sands of Cape Cod's beaches.

And eat fresh seafood, good lobster, cold crisp beer...

Why am I sitting here still?

Back attcha soon