Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No More Guns II

Last year there were over 10,000 deaths from gun violence in this country...ten thousand lives lost to guns.

No more guns...tell me that my right to bear arms is worth even one of those lives...go on try to.

I dare you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No More Guns

People in and around DC will be lamenting the death of a fabulous football player, Sean Taylor. His death at 24 is sad, shocking, and disturbing. A couple of years ago I may have added: but it is no surprise. Taylor had a bit of a bad boy aura around him coming out of college and some of his actions landed him in trouble with the law and with a bad public image.

But he changed that. People have lauded him for his turn around and, aside from his incredible play on the field, he was becoming a figure worthy of emulation.

But he was shot last night in his home. As I write this all I know is that he was shot by an intruder.


Dammit, I have heard all the arguments in support of the second amendment right to bear arms and for just this once I will say I agree that it means that ordinary Joes and Janes can arm themselves as opposed to my reading of the Founding Fathers' desire to have a nation and its states capable of raising instant citizen militias.

Okay...let's just say you and I have a right to own handguns as well as automatic assault rifles.

So what the hell are we gonna do with them besides go out to the range and get our jollies off wasting gunpowder and lead by blasting paper targets?

Sean Taylor was shot by a hand gun. Thirty-three people died last April in Blackburg (the shooter was dead at the end of the shooting too! We need to count him as the perpetuator and
a victim too!) and countless young people across this country die every year because of gun violence.

Tell me then why we need guns...

I'm in favor of 'em, but see no need for 'em.

Do you?