Sunday, August 12, 2007

Searching 4 Joy

Sunday Morning 7:20 AM and the damn phone is ringing. WTF? Who the ...would be calling here that early. Find out later on the voice mail, right?

Around nine Robert is complaining that he can't get on the internet. I show him how I get the damn thing going when the, oh shit, I can't think of the name of the device now...not the wireless router, the thingie the connects to the phone line that separates the DSL....fuck it, you know what I mean. Anyway, I use the phone, call the Verizon voicemail box and there it was (oh, BTW, the light that was blinking goes solid and then you can log onto the internet) a sweet, pre-pubescent girl's voice that only said, "hi".

Then silence...

Sweet little nuisance woke my snarly, bear-like self up. Couldn't work up much distaste for her. Probably Robert's "I'm-next-in-line" girl friend calling and then realizing it was way too early to do such a rash thing that early in the morning...

It's almost 11:00 now. I'm clearing the clutter from my office, finishing what I started when I got back from the retreat in PA and clearing space for my major project: Joy!


Joy is the center of my focus right now. Finding joy, leaving breadcrumbs along the trail for others to follow....mapping joy.

I woke up with a sad feeling, then an annoyed feeling. But hearing that softly spoken 'hi' changed that.

Oh, yeah the freakin' word is 'modem'. Whew, the mind still works...

Happy Sunday morning!